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We have from day one wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy our pies, which is why we are working on four fronts.

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Hi, this is le pie!

Our pies are made from fresh local ingredients that are slowly cooked until all the flavours have fully matured. We pack these wonderful recipes into a home made pastry, which is then baked to perfection assuring that you get a naturally preserved meal that’s easy to serve or eat on the go!



Besides choosing our ingredients from local farmers we decided that it was important to offer a wide range of flavours both local and foreign.


Today we are proud to present 8 different recipes that vary from local dishes, such as re-invented Papet Vaudois, to the exotic flavours of India in our Chicken Tikka Masala pie.

6 Mini Chicken Tikka Masala
LePie Chicken Tikka Masala
LePie Swiss Sausage n' Mustard
6 Mini Lean Pork n' Chorizo
LePie Lean Pork n' Chorizo
6 Mini Spinach Mushroom n' Feta
LePie Spinach Mushroom n' Feta
LePie Juicy Chicken n' Tarragon
LePie Tender Beef n' Dr. Gab's Ale
LePie Chunky Beef n' Pinot Noir
6 Mini Tender Beef n' Guinness
LePie Tender Beef n' Guinness
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About us

Created in 2014, House of Foods Sarl and its dedicated team has been producing and selling delicious pies under the brand name LePie, up and down the coast line of lake Geneva.

Freshness is happiness, which is why we stand firmly on finding the best produce that are local and produced by people who share our philosophy

our philosophy

Ideas are worthless if the execution is not done properly and in the execution lies the importance of teamwork!


Every day team LePie sets out to produce, deliver and serve the best possible pies, whether  to our wholesalers or directly to our clients. We are not perfect, but we do believe strongly in the company's motto!



in everything we do



in the way we do it



towards whom we do it for


GET to know our local partners

We all know that working with local producers is both environmentally and economically responsible, but it is also quite simply the right thing to do.


Switzerland has wonderful produce and it’s up to companies like ours to constantly seek out ways to make use of them while still being affordable for you the customer.


Please find below more information about our wonderful suppliers

Suter Viandes SA
Leguriviera Groupe
Brasserie Dr. Gab's
Boucherie du Palais


We know that the best way to improve is to listen, so don't be shy and let us have your thoughts and ideas on how you think we can improve. You can of course also just send us a nice message, we like those too.

House of Foods

Rue Closel 44

1186 Essertines sur Rolle

Tel. +41 21 828 23 41

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